• It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry If I Want To


    This precious little girl turned one and I was fortunate to do a session with her.  The little sweetheart was trying to be happy but wasn’t quite feeling like herself.  She really wanted mom to be right there and even hold her hand at times.  Which is totally ok.  While I want my clients to…

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  • The Smith Family


     Think you don’t have time for a family photo session?  Think again.  This family made it work.  So many different activities and work schedules, but we were able to connect on a beautiful summer morning. Now this fabulous family has pictures, memories, connections for years to come. It isn’t as hard as you think to…

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  • A family that gives whole heartedly


    Meet the Hansen Family.   Years and years ago I met Jodi through a special needs community here in Utah.  I was a young mom with a young son who has multiple disabilities and needs care in all areas.  I felt alone, scared, unsure, and so unknowledgeable as to what to do and how to do…

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