• Sweet Little Girl’s 1st Birthday & Cake Smash


    I prepped for this session for days, I couldn’t wait to meet this little sweetie for her session.  When she came to the door with her parents, she held out her arms to me like she wanted me to hold her.  I took her in my arms and started talking to her, getting to know…

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  • I’m Back!


    So I have mixed feelings about the Summertime.  On one hand, we don’t have to be on a schedule.  On the other hand, there is no schedule and order!  Kids are home from school, we are trying to do fun activities and trips but they also spend too much time together so the arguing and…

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  • Flash Back Friday – A Girl and Her Horse


    I could feel the connection that was there from the hard times during training and workouts.  The connection was there from hours spent together.  The connection was there from good times and performances. Both are beautiful in many different ways. I’d hate to be the person to come between this lovely young lady and her…

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  • Every Family Has a Story


    Family Gives You The Roots To Stand Tall & Strong Families, they can be simple, complex, easy, hard, happy, sad, exciting, boring, etc.  Families are what the make the world go round.  Everyone needs a sense of family.  Whether in a traditional sense, or blended, or not even related at all.  People need people and…

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