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  • Think About This When Prepping For Your Senior Portrait Session!

    Here it is, that awkward time of year when the holidays are over, it is still cold and snowy (at least where I live).  But time keeps on moving and here we are a week into February.  Just a few short months away will be the High School Seniors time to shine.  Time does go fast so I suggest you start thinking about Senior Sessions now and laying some of…

  • Ideas To Make A LDS Baptism Special

    Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, when a child turns 8 years old they have the opportunity to be baptized.  It is such a special time in their life.  I have pulled together some ideas to make this time a bit more memorable for them and you.  Where I have written this towards parents of children everything here can totally used for an…

  • Here I Go Again

    What can I say?  I’m starting over.  Not my photography but my website and blog. Welcome to a new year on www.christymarshallphotography.com My goals are to fill the site with stories, images, advice, information, and inspiration.  I am pumped to get this started.  So now here is where you come in.  I need to hear from you what type of information you need in regards to photography, what questions you…

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