Family Photography Sessions

  • Every Family Has a Story

    Family Gives You The Roots To Stand Tall & Strong Families, they can be simple, complex, easy, hard, happy, sad, exciting, boring, etc.  Families are what the make the world go round.  Everyone needs a sense of family.  Whether in a traditional sense, or blended, or not even related at all.  People need people and people need to be in a family.  We may not always get along and it…

  • Flash Back Friday – Just Get It Done – Utah County Family Photographer

    Families are so special.  When I can capture them at that moment, it is great because there will never be that same moment again.  Mom’s and Dad’s, people in general, never feel like there is a good time to have pictures taken.  “My kids won’t behave”, “my 5 yr old has such a cheesy smile right now”, “my teen has bad ache or braces”, “I need to lose weight first”,…

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