More Than Headshots!

-visual stories that help people connect with you-

What is Personal Brand Photography?

As a busy small business owner, entrepreneur, and/or online influencer your time is valuable.  Stop wasting 30 minutes or an hour each day trying to get a picture to use in that day’s social media post.

Personal Brand Photography by me (Christy Marshall) will help save you time and effort.  You will have multiple images to choose from at your fingertips for your social media posts and marketing.

“It’s about the level of engagement.  What good is 10,000 followers if only 30 people are liking your posts?  You want it to be authentic and want that engagement to come from that level of connection and trust that people are feeling with you.” Jenna Kutcher – Goal Digger Podcast Epi. 103

The stories about you, your life, your interests, hobbies, etc  – that is what helps people connect in a meaningful way.  Telling your stories visually will help solidify that connection.

Personal Brand Photography can help followers know, like and trust you through your stories, thus leading to engagement.