baby boy

  • Little Boy Sitter Session – Mr. J

    What is better than an adorable little baby playing and having fun in a sitter session to celebrate this time in their life. Sitter Sessions are one of my most favorite sessions ever!  I clearly remember loving this stage of my own kids lives as well.  Loving that they could sit and play with toys and not getting into trouble crawling or walking.  The baby is also much more interactive…

  • newborn cousins

    Mapleton, UT Newborn Photographer Baby Boy Cousins

    Triplets? Nope Cousins? Yes The wonderful grandma of these three adorable little men contacted me about a shoot for the three of them together.  Absolutely!  Let’s do it.  The baby boys were born within 6 days of each other and kept this grandma hopping.

Copyrighted Image - Christy Marshall Photography