What the heck is going on?!!!

The month of March 2020 in the USA will go down like no other.  What in the world is even happening?
What is happening is COVID-19, and it is a new virus, highly contagious and causing respiratory problems in many of the people who get it.  Many people have died.  Many people wind up in the ICU.  COVID-19 has turned the world upside down.

Here in Utah starting on the 12th we were told no gathering of people of more than 25 people.  A few days ago we were told no gatherings of 10 people or more.  That flipped everything upside down.  Schools closed after the 13th and teachers prepared for online learning.  All activities, church, ball games, violin festivals, birthday parties, you name it, all things!

As I’ve had a week to think about things myself and my kids have missed out on, I can’t help but think about my son.  My son is technically a high school senior and I say technically because he would be walking with his graduating class in a couple of months.  But my son has many special needs and doesn’t get to experience that many things and activities that typical high schoolers do, he will stay in the school system for a couple of more years.  Moments like this I mourn for what could have been, but only for a little bit because he is who he is and I love him with all my heart.

Then my thoughts turned toward the other high school seniors that are missing out on so much right now.  And who knows, graduation may not be your typical graduation.  My heart goes out to these seniors.  I remember my senior year and I just loved every moment of it.  Senior pictures were part of that experience.  Back in the day, my senior pictures were much different than what I offer you these days.  You get choices, you get the locations you want.  You get it personalized to you and your personality and interests.

I usually only offer a certain number of sessions in the spring for seniors but I really feel the need to help the seniors get their senior pictures because this may be just one of the few things they end up getting in these uncertain times.  I would still follow all precautions and guidelines.  We won’t be shaking hands but we can definitely talk (6 ft apart).  I can get your pictures done and you will have those to remember your senior year by for many years to come.  You can tell your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids what happened during your senior year of high school while you flip through your senior pictures.

Let’s get the pictures done!  Contact me today.

And to help you prepare, go check out my Tips for Prepping for Your Senior Session.

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