• The Smith Family


     Think you don’t have time for a family photo session?  Think again.  This family made it work.  So many different activities and work schedules, but we were able to connect on a beautiful summer morning. Now this fabulous family has pictures, memories, connections for years to come. It isn’t as hard as you think to…

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  • A family that gives whole heartedly


    Meet the Hansen Family.   Years and years ago I met Jodi through a special needs community here in Utah.  I was a young mom with a young son who has multiple disabilities and needs care in all areas.  I felt…

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  • I can’t believe this happened . . .


    I mean look at this amazing family! 65 people and only 1 missing (serving an LDS mission). This was several months in the planning, tried different dates and times but with this many people and not all the families local,…

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  • I’m Back!


    So I have mixed feelings about the Summertime.  On one hand, we don’t have to be on a schedule.  On the other hand, there is no schedule and order!  Kids are home from school, we are trying to do fun…

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  • Every Family Has a Story


    Family Gives You The Roots To Stand Tall & Strong Families, they can be simple, complex, easy, hard, happy, sad, exciting, boring, etc.  Families are what the make the world go round.  Everyone needs a sense of family.  Whether in…

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