Family Photography Sessions

  • The K Family – Utah County Family Pictures

    I’ve had the honor of photographing this family for several years now.  They are friends and neighbors, and a wonderful family.  And for a family full of men, they do really well and no complaining during photo sessions which I know the mom appreciates!  And I do too, LOL. This year mom wanted to incorporate a couple of classic vehicles she had picked up this year.  The car and truck…

  • Come Together – Utah Family Pictures

    This is what happens when a little effort and planning is made.  Family from near and far comes together for a mom’s birthday and new family pictures are taken. Here are a few things that my client did right in putting this surprise together for her mom. At the first thought of pulling this together my client (who is also my hair stylist and is amazing) contacted me to see…

  • Tips for Picking Out Clothes for Your Family Pictures

    Picking out clothes for a family photo session is the worst?  Am I right?!  This is always one of the biggest pain points for people when booking family photo session.  In fact, some moms will put off booking a session just because they don’t want to deal with selecting the clothes for everyone.  Of coarse you want to look nice and have wonderful pictures and I think that social media…

  • Utah Outdoor Family Photographer – Midway, UT – Family B

    I was so happy when she DM’d me asking to set up a time for family pictures.  I hadn’t seen them in a few years since they moved out of my neighborhood and I was excited to see and talk to this family again.  All her children were going to be in town and she wanted to take full advantage of the situation and what better way than to have…

  • Utah Outdoor Family Photographer | Family H

    Good friends of mine and so happy to take their pictures.   Grandbabies are the best!

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