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Utah Outdoor Family Photographer – Midway, UT – Family B

I was so happy when she DM’d me asking to set up a time for family pictures.  I hadn’t seen them in a few years since they moved out of my neighborhood and I was excited to see and talk to this family again.  All her children were going to be in town and she wanted to take full advantage of the situation and what better way than to have pictures taken and then that way everyone can have them and enjoy them for years to come.

Many times people decide it isn’t worth having family pictures taken because someone isn’t there, or a baby isn’t born yet, or , or ,or.  Well, there is always going to be something isn’t there, then you end up with no family pictures.  Stop waiting for what you think is the best time and just do it.  If there is someone who couldn’t be there for the picture that’s ok, it does not mean you don’t love them or that they aren’t party of the family.  It just means that they couldn’t be there at that time, that’s all.

Take advantage of the time you can be together and get a photo record of it to show generations to come.   #dontmissthismoment #itstimeforasession


Christy Marshall is a Professional Photographer base in Utah County, Utah.  Is available for travel.  Specializing in Newborn & Family Photography.

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