• Celebrate Your Birthday – Utah Portrait Photographer

    This young woman came looking for a fun session in a dress her and her mom made to celebrate her birthday, after the session she was off to dance the night away with her family and friends.

  • Continuing to Learn and Grow

    In May 2022 I attended the Belly Baby Summit LA 2022 in California with a group of other photographers looking to learn and grow their photography business.  While I have attended a couple different newborn clinics this was a first for me of this size with multiple industry leaders teaching many different aspects of photography.  Ana Brandt and her wonderful team put this together and hosted for 3 full days…

  • Tips for Picking Out Clothes for Your Family Pictures

    Picking out clothes for a family photo session is the worst?  Am I right?!  This is always one of the biggest pain points for people when booking family photo session.  In fact, some moms will put off booking a session just because they don’t want to deal with selecting the clothes for everyone.  Of coarse you want to look nice and have wonderful pictures and I think that social media…

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