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Christmas Cards, the debate inside your head

I’ll end the debate for you that is going on inside your head right now.  Yes, you should mail out Christmas Cards to family and friends this year.

Well, it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?  One I think that no one would want to go through again, for sure!  I believe this would be the best year for sending out Christmas cards, even if you’ve never done it before and even if you may never do it again.

This year, 2020, has been full of social distancing, school shutdowns, record numbers of people working from home, and activities and sporting events canceled and postponed.  We need to reconnect, and I don’t mean through social media, that is so impersonal, making people feel like they were an afterthought.  Connect with a tangible legacy and tells people that they mean something to you.  If you think that social media is good enough then think again.  Chances are that the majority of people you’d like to see your Christmas Card post won’t actually see it or know you even did it.

A personalized card and message mean so much more to people.  It spreads joy and the holiday spirit when your recipients get your card in the mail.  For me personally, I can wait days to open regular mail, but if I see that it is a card from someone, I immediately open it up.  It is so fun and exciting.

Sending Christmas cards is such a great tradition that can be either a simple picture and card, or you can do a family update letter, or throw in a gift card as a gift.

Go ahead and do it, don’t overthink it, just get a card out to people you know and love!

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