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Come Together – Utah Family Pictures

This is what happens when a little effort and planning is made.  Family from near and far comes together for a mom’s birthday and new family pictures are taken.

Here are a few things that my client did right in putting this surprise together for her mom.
  • At the first thought of pulling this together my client (who is also my hair stylist and is amazing) contacted me to see if I was available and to pencil her in for that night.  She explained the situation and told me she was still waiting to here from a couple of siblings on if they could make it.  KEEP READING . . .
  • She kept me informed as the date got closer so we were on the same page.

  • Once she knew for sure that the plan was on she informed me that the session was a go.  Working together we create a plan for pictures after they had a nice dinner with their mom.

  • My client didn’t let the fact that not everyone in the family was there (children’s spouses and grandchildren).  She knew this was a special time and wanted to have these pictures for her family and especially her mom.  It’s totally ok if not everyone is there for family pictures.  I believe that you need to take advantage of these moments where the most people are there and you can get pictures.  A few years back I had a family get together for their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  This family has a lot of members in it and some had to travel here for the occasion.  Out of 66 people there was only one person that was not there that night, this grandson was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  • So when you see there may be a chance to be together, contact a photographer today and schedule a session.  You definitely won’t regret it.

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