Flash Back Friday – Just Get It Done – Utah County Family Photographer

Families are so special.  When I can capture them at that moment, it is great because there will never be that same moment again.  Mom’s and Dad’s, people in general, never feel like there is a good time to have pictures taken.  “My kids won’t behave”, “my 5 yr old has such a cheesy smile right now”, “my teen has bad ache or braces”, “I need to lose weight first”, “we just don’t have time”, I hear so many excuses.  But do you want to know what I never hear from people, “Man, I should have never had our families pictures taken.”  Not once have I heard that!

Your family, your relationships, your connections, need to be remembered now.  Please don’t wait.  If you have time to go to a movie, or to dinner then you have time for a portrait session.

Don’t worry about the excuses that pop into your mind, just get it done.  Go for it!  You are amazing and have so much worth.  You kids are fabulous and you will miss when they grow up out of the goofy, award stages.  Having pictures to look at will always make you smile, and you know it!

Doesn’t this family just make you smile?  Those kids!!!!!

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