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Every Family Has a Story

Family Gives You The Roots To Stand Tall & Strong

Families, they can be simple, complex, easy, hard, happy, sad, exciting, boring, etc.  Families are what the make the world go round.  Everyone needs a sense of family.  Whether in a traditional sense, or blended, or not even related at all.  People need people and people need to be in a family.  We may not always get along and it may not be perfect, but hey, what is perfect.  We need people who love us, help us, are there for us, teach us, and have our backs.

I met this certain family a bit ago when they moved into the area I live in.  The more I get the know them the more I love them and admire them.  Nope, their family isn’t perfect, but you know what, the parents are amazing and love their kids and now grandkids so very much.  Sometimes they have to make super hard decisions but from a place of love and teaching.

Each of the kids has their own strengths and hope and dreams.  It is so great to get to know the kids and what their interests are.  They are learning, trying hard, and have so much to teach me and you.  These kids are phenomenal!

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