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UPDATED – Ideas To Make A LDS Baptism Special

girl, LDS, baptism, picture by LDS temple

Back a few years ago I did a blog post talking about how to make an LDS Baptism special for your loved one, check it out here.

The post talks about teaching, specializing, photography, and gifts.  Go check it out.

boy, baptism, by LDS Temple

I have a few more gift ideas to add to the list.  A temple print in a nice frame, white slippers to wear on baptism day, and a decor item that has a image of Jesus, a scripture reference, a temple, etc.

Here is the complete list of ideas for gifts.  I would also love to hear from you if you have great ideas for gifts that I haven’t mentioned.  Please comment with your suggestion.  Thanks!

Gift List Below

girl, baptism, LDS, in forest girl, baptism, LDS, by LDS Temple, in front of sunflowers

What would be a special day without a gift or two?  Here are some ideas, helpful, especially if family or friends ask for an idea.

CTR ring      –       Framed Poems     –     Journal

Necklace        –        Neck Tie       –       Scriptures

Highlighters         –      Bookmark    –        Scripture Tote

Temple Print in Frame        –        White Slippers        –        Home decor item

girl, baptism, LDS, in forest

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