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Utah Family Photography – Meet Family H

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana

This adorable family came to me by way of referral. Man, I love it when my clients refer me to others! So thank you, thank you very much! (Did you know I have a referral program, check it out here)
As a Utah Family Photographer I have so many options for outdoor picture locations. I discuss options with you as to what works for you and your family. What fits your schedule, how far you want to drive, what would be better for your kids, etc.
I have to give praise to the parents of these adorable little boys. They stayed calm and cool. The boys where energetic and of course wanted to run and play. The parents did the right thing by letting me talk to the boys and lead them in the pictures and at times letting them run and play. I have raised three kids and been photographing family’s since 2012 so over the years I have learned tips and tricks to working with all different personalities of children. Kids will be kids and I try my best to get the best out of them in order to give you wonderful pictures for your memories.

Christy Marshall Photography’s studio is located in south Utah County, UT. I specialize in newborns, babies, 1yr sessions and cake smashes, toddlers, and families.  Please contact me today to schedule your session.  #itstimeforasession #dontmissthismoment 

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