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5 Tips for a Missionary Photo Session

Preparing for an LDS Mission is no small thing. There is a lot of things to buy, pack and have ready. Throw in the emotions of leaving family and the excitement of the new stage in your life, it may be super easy to forget or even forgo pictures. However, I encourage you not to forget having a missionary photo session.

Here are your 5 Tips for a Missionary Photo Session

1. Schedule with a Photographer as soon as you get your Mission Call

Do this first so that you don’t forget it when you’re in the hustle and bustle of preparing to leave.

2. Decide on the location and Date

If you have an LDS Temple near you, you could consider taking pictures on the temple grounds. But remember to check for closures or Monday /afternoon/evenings when they close and the grounds are closed. You can chose to do a studio session if you like that look and your photographer has a studio. you can also choose a different location that’s not a temple, but somewhere that means something to you. Or maybe go up a canyon or to the beach. The best time of day is an hour or two before sun sets.

3. a week before the missionary session decide what suit or dress you will wear and make sure it is clean and hanging up nicely.

Also, check your tie, shoes, socks, etc. and have them all together.

4. props!

It is fun to add props into the missionary photos sessions. It adds to the variety of the pictures and also can tell people what the pictures are about and where you are going. Some ideas, country/state flags whether big or small, scriptures, CTR rings, necklaces, tie pins, etc.

5. Get to the session early

It doesn’t have to be super early but maybe 10 to 15 minutes early. This way you can account for any small traffic or parking issues, you can also use that time to take some deep breaths and slow down and really enjoy the session.
My missionary photo sessions usually run about 30 minutes and in that time I can get such a big variety of pictures. You can see more about the sessions I offer HERE.

Christy Marshall Photography’s studio is located in south Utah County, UT. I specialize in newborns, babies, 1yr sessions and cake smashes, toddlers, and families.  Please contact me today to schedule your session.  #itstimeforasession #dontmissthismoment 

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