Think About This When Prepping For Your Senior Portrait Session!

Here it is, that awkward time of year when the holidays are over, it is still cold and snowy (at least where I live).  But time keeps on moving and here we are a week into February.  Just a few short months away will be the High School Seniors time to shine.  Time does go fast so I suggest you start thinking about Senior Sessions now and laying some of the groundwork so you are not scrambling at the end.

A few things to start thinking about and prepping for.

1.  Contact a Photographer and discuss dates of availability.  Keep in mind that there is a turn around time before getting the images back to you.  You will also want to have time to design an announcement, have it printed, and mail the announcements out.

2.  Think about locations, your photographer can help with this.  A good location will have many different options for the background.  And don’t forget studio images can be great too!

3.  Start thinking about hobbies, sports, interests, etc. that you can incorporate into a few of your images.  Props can be so fun and bring out true smiles and expressions in the images.

4.  Get ideas for outfits.  I will add more info on this later but start looking at your clothes and finding things you love and are comfortable in, be cautious of trendy items.

I will continue to get give information on this so stay tuned, also it would be a good idea to sign up for my Newsletter.

Now, don’t go getting Senioritis on me, get started today!

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